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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Connecting your home lab to Azure & AWS using a reverse SSL VPN

One big challenge that I came across when starting to use Microsoft Azure & AWS is how do I connect my home lab to a VM/instance running in the cloud?

I have multiple VMs in my lab that need to communicate with the cloud VM, yet my home router doesn’t allow me to create a VPN bridge. Neither does it allow me to do any port forwarding. If I was using an application that supports direct connectivity to Azure or AWS this isn’t a problem. However, in my case, I have Zerto Virtual Replication 5.0 which requires pre-existing connectivity to be established. So how did I workaround this issue? Watch the video to find out or keep on reading!

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Scripting a Zerto Recovery Plan v2

One of the most popular blog posts in the archive has been scripting recovery plans in Zerto. This is most likely because one of the most frequent requests I hear is the ability to control the boot ordering of Virtual Protection Groups (VPGs), not just the VMs within a VPG. This makes total sense when you have multiple tiers of applications and you want to recover them in order of priority or based on inter-dependencies.

In version 5.0 U2, Zerto included the ability to reverse the protection using the REST API. This meant I could finally deliver a script that automates failover and failback operations in a orchestrated fashion! In a first for I decided to give an overview of the script using a video:

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Top 10 PowerShell Tips & Tricks

In writing countless scripts over the past few years, I have learned many lessons on how to write scripts that are easier to read, more robust and perform ever more complicated tasks.

I recently had the pleasure of sharing these lessons with around 250 people on a Spiceworks webinar in the form of my top 10 PowerShell tips & tricks. I especially enjoyed the Q&A and live demo of my upcoming ZVR Recovery Plan v2 (coming very soon I promise). You can still watch the webinar recording by going to the link below and completing the form: Read more of this post