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Monthly Archives: August 2017

Silencing my 1U rack mount 10GbE switch in the hyperconverged home lab

Back in June, I decided to take on the fun project of upgrading my hyperconverged home lab to 10GbE using an Ubiquiti ES-16-XG Edge Switch. If you missed it check it out here. I couldn’t be happier with the switch in terms of performance and features, but I had one big problem. I was in denial. I didn’t want to admit it. But yes, I just spent $500+ on something that made my lab too noisy to sit near.

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Automating SQL Server Live Mounts with Rubrik Alta (4.0)

How many times in your career have you tested something that totally blew you away? Your mind racing with use cases both past and present. The first VM you created? Check. Your first vMotion? Check. Your first storage vMotion? Check. But what next? I just found one to add to my list and its SQL Server Live Mounts in Rubrik Alta (4.0). So what exactly is it and why is it so amazing? Glad you asked, read on!

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