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Only 6 days to go!

Joshua Stenhouse 0

We’re getting close to the first ever Boston PowerShell Hackathon (12/05 7pm District Hall) and I’m super excited to hang out with fellow scripting nerds, drink some beer and have some fun! Free beer and PowerShell scripting? Yesssss!

free-beerSeriously though, if you are interested in PowerShell scripting and live in the Boston area then you’ve got nothing to lose and loads to gain by coming along. In order to cope with the demand, we’ve added an additional room so we now have more capacity available. If you haven’t registered yet what are you waiting for? Go here:

For those of you that attend I can’t wait to share with you my new lab that I’ll be bringing with me for you to test your scripts on. I’ve yet to write any blog posts about it so you’ll be getting the first look at The Hyperconverged Home Lab 2.0! I can promise you it’s worth attending just to see this.

Any questions feel free to add a comment and I’ll come back to you ASAP. Looking forward to seeing you there,




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