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30 hours to go until the first ever Boston PowerShell Hackathon!

Joshua Stenhouse 0

If you haven’t already signed up, then time is running out to grab the last places available:

I had a couple questions come up recently around the subject of “I’ve used many PowerShell scripts, and I’d love to come, but I’m probably not good enough for a hackathon”. If you’re in this camp, then you most definitely should register and be there! Why? Because you’ll be able to see and work with other people to learn how they script, get some tips and tricks, network and come out the other side better for it. Did I mention free beer too?

I’ll also be walking around helping people out with ideas, feedback, tips etc. You don’t need to create the biggest most complex script in the world, anything counts, and neither is anyone expecting you to write anything from scratch. If you don’t want to get up and demo it at the end then it’s also no problem. I can guarantee no pressure whatsoever!

I’m on track to bring with me the following for your scripting pleasure:

  • vSphere 6.5 environment
  • Nutanix AHV CE1.1.1
  • Zerto 5.5
  • Rubrik CDM v4.1

You’ll also have internet access to script against whatever you want. See you at District Hall 7pm sharp,


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