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Long term RPO & Storage Reporting

In the last post I covered the basics of establishing an authenticated session with the Zerto API and connecting to the vCenter server. You need to configure the script examples covered in the first post in order to follow the instructions in this blog post, you can find this here:

In the Zerto GUI you can see real-time statistics on Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and storage consumption. This gives you an easy to use overview on what is currently happening on the Zerto platform at all times, but there is a catch. Read more of this post

Scripting a Recovery Plan

To protect VMs with Zerto they need to be placed into Virtual Protection Groups (VPGs) which are consistency groupings of VMs that are typically configured on a per application basis. A VM can only exist in 1 VPG at once, you can only failover the entire VPG and you can define the boot order of VMs inside each VPG.

A common request I receive is to specify a boot order between VPGs (a recovery plan) so that you can bring VPGs online in a specified order with time delays and pre/post failover scripts. A perfect use case is bringing Application 1 (I.E a Finance DB) online before Application 2 (I.E a CRM). You could work around this by placing all the VMs that form both applications in the same VPG, but this then removes the fidelity of failing over an individual application in the cases of logical failures. Another use case is running a site wide script that should only be initiated when failing over everything.

Based on this requirement I decided to create the Recovery Plan script. Read more of this post