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Automated vSphere VM sizing & cost calculator for DR to Microsoft Azure

When planning DR or migrations from VMware vSphere to Microsoft Azure, one very important task is to configure the appropriate VM/instance sizing to match your current VM settings. This needs to be done in advance for the following key reasons:

  • Ensure adequate performance of the VM when running in Azure
  • Select the VM size that supports the number of vNICS and vDisks required
  • Perform a cost analysis of VM runtime and storage costs

In ZVR 5.0 selecting the Azure VM size is very easy in the GUI:


But what this doesn’t do is tell you exactly which one to pick and neither does it tell you how much it is going to cost!

So how are you going to select the correct instance size and calculate the cost for all your VMware VMs? That sounds like a manual and tedious task that thousands of people are going to have to tackle over the next few years. Of course, you already know I have something that is going to help you otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this far!

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