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Posts published in “Scripting Basics”

REST API changes in Zerto Virtual Replication 5.0 U3

Joshua Stenhouse 0

Since my first post back in 2014, many of the example scripts that I’ve shared integrate with Zerto using their bolt-on REST APIs. After 4 years of stability, in 5.0…

Introduction to PowerShell and Zerto REST API scripting

Joshua Stenhouse 2

Utilizing PowerShell with the REST API opens up a world of possibilities as you are no longer restricted to solely using the PowerShell cmdlets provided by Zerto. You can now report and automate tasks that previously were only possible using the GUI. In this blog post you will learn how you can exploit this power.

Adding Zerto cmdlets to a script

Joshua Stenhouse 1

In order to run Zerto cmdlets inside a script you have to add the snapin. This is easily done with the following command: add-pssnapin Zerto.PS.Commands

Selecting Zerto Checkpoints in PowerShell

Joshua Stenhouse 0

When using Zerto PowerShell cmdlets it can be required to select a checkpoint (a point in time) in the journal of changes from which to perform an operation. The Zerto…

Scripting with Zerto Basics

Joshua Stenhouse 0

To run PowerShell scripts with Zerto I recommend the following requirements be fulfilled, on the host running the scripts, as a best practice to cover running anything and everything: PowerShell…