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Top 10 PowerShell Tips & Tricks

Joshua Stenhouse 0

In writing countless scripts over the past few years, I have learned many lessons on how to write scripts that are easier to read, more robust and perform ever more complicated tasks.

I recently had the pleasure of sharing these lessons with around 250 people on a Spiceworks webinar in the form of my top 10 PowerShell tips & tricks. I especially enjoyed the Q&A and live demo of my upcoming ZVR Recovery Plan v2 (coming very soon I promise). You can still watch the webinar recording by going to the link below and completing the form:

Spiceworks PowerShell Webinar

You can also download the tips and tricks in PDF format from here:

Top 10 PowerShell Tips & Tricks

Big thanks to Zerto and Spiceworks for giving me the opportunity to present. If you found the content useful please like and share. Happy scripting,


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