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Introduction to my blog

Joshua Stenhouse 0

Hi and welcome to my blog.  I will be blogging about common queries I often come across in my role as Solutions Engineer for Zerto, as well as cool Zerto features, but I will mainly cover the many different PowerShell scripts I write in my spare time to extend the functionality of Zerto. Some of the scripts I will be releasing as standalone tools. For these I will create a new page dedicated to each tool to go into more detail.

I will say this many times but I can’t stress enough that all scripts on this blog are not supported by Zerto in any shape or form. I am however happy to provide ad-hoc support if you have any questions or issues and I recommend using the comments section on the relevant post to ask.

I might also be tempted to throw in some reviews of the odd Virtualization event and subsequent party. As a Yorkshireman I definitely enjoy a few free drinks!


Don’t worry I didn’t get through all of these :-), but I certainly did try! If you have any spcecific PowerShell scripts you would like me to cover in a blog post feel free to contact me using the form below:

I’m looking forward to sharing some really good content! Thanks,


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