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Scripting a Zerto Recovery Plan v2

Joshua Stenhouse 0

One of the most popular blog posts in the archive has been scripting recovery plans in Zerto. This is most likely because one of the most frequent requests I hear is the ability to control the boot ordering of Virtual Protection Groups (VPGs), not just the VMs within a VPG. This makes total sense when you have multiple tiers of applications and you want to recover them in order of priority or based on inter-dependencies.

In version 5.0 U2, Zerto included the ability to reverse the protection using the REST API. This meant I could finally deliver a script that automates failover and failback operations in a orchestrated fashion! In a first for I decided to give an overview of the script using a video:

If you found the video useful please like it on youtube. If I get enough likes I will do more video explanations in the future as I think it makes the scripts easier to consume. To get you started with scripting your own recovery plan click to download example below:

The only major requirement of the script which you might not already have is ZVR 5.0 U2. If you haven’t already updated, this is as good a reason as any to upgrade today. Happy scripting,


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