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You’re going to need a bigger boat! Boston PowerShell Hackathon Update

Joshua Stenhouse 0

After only 48 hours since announcing the first ever Boston PowerShell Hackathon we are at 50% our capacity! As a reminder, the event is on 12/05/17 7pm at District Hall and you need to register using the link below. My initial response was this:

We will work on adding additional capacity, but this means you need to register quickly to secure your place. If the link still works you can count the event as open and if you haven’t registered already yet then go do it now:

Make sure you pass the link to any colleagues or friends that want to come too. I’ve also had a few questions come up, so I’ll answer them for everyone here:

  1. Where can I park?
    There are loads of open air or underground parking options in the seaport area. Right now this is the only thing you need to pay for yourself, but I’m working on fixing this too. Here is a handy comparison tool:
  2. Do I need to bring a team of people or can I come on my own?
    You most definitely can come on your own! In fact, I expect most people to come on their own or with 1 or 2 colleagues/friends at most. I will then split people into small teams at the start of the hackathon. Everyone will have name tags to make intros easier and this also makes the event a great opportunity to network with like-minded professionals in the city which is never a bad thing! If you want to enter on your own as you have a specific thing you’d like to try out then that’s ok too and everyone will have the option of both.
  3. Do I have to script using PowerShell?
    Yes, hence the name :-). However, as an example, there are many things you can do in the .net framework from a PowerShell script:
  4. Can I focus on security?
    Yes! You can focus on any area you’d like, and security is a great example. Just because we are providing some infrastructure to script with doesn’t mean you have to use it at all.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you there on the 5th December.


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