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Zerto Auto VRA Deployment v6 with PowerShell 6.0

Joshua Stenhouse 0

Script 2 in my blog series on automating Zerto 6.0 with PowerShell 6.0 is Virtual Replication Appliance (VRA) deployment from a CSV. Deploying a VRA is simple using the GUI;


But what about a site with 50, 100 or 300 ESXi hosts? It makes far more sense to do it via script in this scenario. Click on the below link to download my script and example CSV to help get you started:

This script is ONLY compatible with PowerShell 6.0 and ZVR 6.0 (to make it future proof). If you need help installing PowerShell in Linux check out this link:

It was tested on both Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16.04 with ZVR 6.0 Patch 2. Extract it to “C:\ZertoAutoVRADeploymentv6\” and configure $ZertoServer at the start of the script to be your ZVM. Change the $LogDataDir and $ESXiHostCSV if you extracted the files to a different directory. Edit the CSV with your VRA deployment settings, run the script, and you’ll be prompted for your Zerto credentials.

In Ubuntu I extracted the zip file on my desktop, created a log folder, and configured the below:

$LogDataDir = “./Desktop/Logs/”
$ESXiHostCSV = “./Desktop/VRADeploymentConfig.csv”


Be sure to use the ESXi hostname as it is registered in vCenter. In my environment, I registered my hosts by IP address so you can see that reflected in the example CSV. I hope you found this useful, if so please like and share. Happy scripting,


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