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Top 10 PowerShell Tips & Tricks Webinar Tomorrow

Joshua Stenhouse 0

If you’re a regular reader, or just happened to come across my blog from google (90%+ of traffic), then you might be interested in attending the webinar I’m presenting on tomorrow, Wed 12th Sep 2018. It starts at 12noon EDT and you can register here:

The webinar is free to attend and hosted by Idera. They provide a plethora of tools for monitoring, managing and optimizing Microsoft SQL, in addition to loads of useful free tools such as PowerShell Plus. If you manage a large SQL environment, I think you’d have to be crazy not to have their software. If you haven’t checked them out go here.

In the webinar, I’m going to give you my top 10 tips and tricks for becoming a PowerShell Ninja. A rundown of everything I wish I practiced/knew 5 years ago when I started scripting regularly. I’ve tried to condense all the hard lessons I’ve learned and some things I could still do better myself. If we get time I might even throw in some demos including one of the most complex scripts I’ve ever written!

Hope to see you on the webinar,



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