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Monthly Archives: June 2017

Automatically detecting Ransomware infections with PowerShell

Back in July 2016, I posted a script which used PowerShell to send an email alert upon detecting a Ransomware infection by continuously comparing a purposefully vulnerable word doc for changes, deletion etc. The script also integrated into Zerto to insert a checkpoint, but what if you don’t have Zerto and you just want to get the email alerts? I’m presenting at Foxwoods Casino with a Rubrik partner this afternoon on Ransomware (the irony of the venue and subject not lost on me) and so I wanted to post a non-vendor integrated example as a free giveaway for everyone attending the presentation and reading the blog. This post will give you just that.

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Bandwidth throttling your home lab and Rubrik replication/archiving

Having your own home lab is one of the best tools you can have to progress your knowledge and career in IT. But, having lots of VMs and hardware can equal a decent load on your home internet connection. This gets even worse when you start using replication and archiving technologies. So how can you stop your home lab from saturating your internet connection, interrupting the family movie night (yes this happened to me), and the plethora of streaming services used in a modern household?

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Upgrading your home lab to 10GbE on the cheap!

Since building my hyperconverged home lab in Jan 2015 and finally sharing it on my blog Jan 2017 it has quickly become the most popular blog post by quite a margin. But one thing has always bothered me about the lab, with 1 SSD per ESXi host, and that’s the connectivity. Stuck in the slow lane at 1GbE it was always the limiting factor when configuring replication between hosts with Zerto and performing an initial sync. This was made even worse when I wanted to plug in a Rubrik r344 appliance (Supermicro 4 node server with 4 x 10GbE cards) because no matter how fast Rubrik can ingest the backup and live mount it back over NFS, 1GbE is as fast as it will go. Demonstrating live mounts over 1GbE certainly works, but it’s not the same wow factor as it is with 10GbE.

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Automatically Updating To PowerCLI 6.5.1

I’m blogging live from the Boston Summer VMUG Usercon 2017 where I’m sharing my top 10 PowerShell tips and tricks. A big topic at the show, for anyone interested in PowerShell and PowerCLI, is the change with PowerCLI 6.5.1 in how you install, update and load it. This is pretty important because all your scripts are going to need updating! Otherwise, they will potentially stop working if you are about to or have already upgraded to vSphere 6.5.x. There’s no reason that I’m aware of that you can’t upgrade in advance and still interact with vSphere 6.0 etc. So now is as good as time as any to start planning your upgrade.

Before PowerCLI 6.5.1 you would’ve used this at the start of each script:

Add-PSSnapin VMware.VimAutomation.Core

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