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Silencing my 1U rack mount 10GbE switch in the hyperconverged home lab

Back in June, I decided to take on the fun project of upgrading my hyperconverged home lab to 10GbE using an Ubiquiti ES-16-XG Edge Switch. If you missed it check it out here. I couldn’t be happier with the switch in terms of performance and features, but I had one big problem. I was in denial. I didn’t want to admit it. But yes, I just spent $500+ on something that made my lab too noisy to sit near.

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Upgrading your home lab to 10GbE on the cheap!

Since building my hyperconverged home lab in Jan 2015 and finally sharing it on my blog Jan 2017 it has quickly become the most popular blog post by quite a margin. But one thing has always bothered me about the lab, with 1 SSD per ESXi host, and that’s the connectivity. Stuck in the slow lane at 1GbE it was always the limiting factor when configuring replication between hosts with Zerto and performing an initial sync. This was made even worse when I wanted to plug in a Rubrik r344 appliance (Supermicro 4 node server with 4 x 10GbE cards) because no matter how fast Rubrik can ingest the backup and live mount it back over NFS, 1GbE is as fast as it will go. Demonstrating live mounts over 1GbE certainly works, but it’s not the same wow factor as it is with 10GbE.

Something had to give. Do I build a new lab using motherboards with built-in 10GBase-T NICs? Read more of this post

Introducing the Hyperconverged Home Lab!

I was asked the other day why I’ve never written a blog post about my home lab, which I use to test out my scripts and record demos etc, and my answer was “I honestly don’t know?!”. So, I present to you my beloved hyperconverged home lab:


I first unveiled it to the public at the inaugural ZertoCON Boston 2016 and it was certainly a hit. I answered more questions about the lab than I did on Zerto! Questions such as “that looks awesome, what the hell is it?” and “I want one, what’s the build spec?”. At this point you are probably asking the same things and wondering what makes it hyperconverged? Here goes: Read more of this post